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At Saint Joseph’s Clermont, a culture of teacher excellence is worked towards, by maintaining a professional and collaborative workplace where staff have a sense of pride, commitment and enthusiasm. This culture fosters student engagement, enabling students to develop an ongoing passion for learning and develop the skills and attributes to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  

Staff Meetings & Inservice Days

Teachers attend staff meetings every Tuesday after school from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Teachers are not available during these times.
Throughout the year, school staff will attend in-service workshops and seminars for Professional Learning.


Mrs Sheila Challacombe

Mrs Sheila Challacombe


Mrs Hannah Charles

Mrs Hannah Charles

Assistant Principal/Art Teacher

Mrs Katrina Hamill

Mrs Katrina Hamill



Mrs Renee Walker

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Stephanie Singleton

Year 2 Teacher

Mr Lachlan Hill

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Rakayla Davies

Prep Teacher

Mrs Kate Wilson

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Jess Connelly


Miss Bree Davies

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Jenna Lansbury

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Alison Larcombe

Year 5 Teacher


Mrs Tara Humphreys

Finance Secretary

Mrs Cathy Lewis

Support Officer

Mrs Leticia Williams

Support Officer

Mrs Angela Baddeley

Administration Secretary

Mrs Melissa Oliffe

Support Officer

Mr Danny McKay

Facilities Officer

Mrs Valda Betteridge


Miss Nina Hofstede

Support Officer

Mrs Rebecca Nitschke

School Cleaner

Mrs Shauna Zoutenbier

Support Officer/WHS & Tech

Mrs Catherine Mohr

Support Officer

Mrs Kasey Brummell

Support Officer

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