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2023 School Hours
First Bell: 8.35am
Class Bell: 8.40am
Brain Break: 9.30am
Lunch Recess: 10.40am - 11.20am
Afternoon Recess: 1.20pm – 1:40pm
School concludes: 3.00 pm

Children are not expected to be in attendance at school before 8.15am with the exception of those children travelling on school buses and those who have permission from the Principal. Children are to remain seated in MacKillop Place until 8.15am. Children should not expect to be in their classroom before 8.20am to allow teachers to finalise their preparations for the day. Supervision is provided from 8.15am to 8.35am by a teacher on duty in MacKillop Place. At this time children are to be at MacKillop Place or the playground. No child is to be in a classroom without a teacher.
Teachers are rostered for playground duty during all lunch periods.
At the conclusion of school, children are supervised in MacKillop Place to 3.20pm.
It is inadvisable to have children at school before 8.00am and after 3.15pm as staff may not be available to attend to injuries should they occur.

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